INDIE TCG SERIES – Renowned Kickstarter Campaign Live

Welcome back to the TCG Indie Series! We are thrilled to bring you the latest news about an exciting deck-building game called Renowned. Just a few days ago, the Kickstarter campaign for Renowned was launched, and if you’re a fan of deckbuilding games and Kickstarter, this is the perfect combination for you. You can find all the information about the game’s lore, gameplay, and available pledges on their Kickstarter page here, which is well-presented and easy to understand. So make sure to check it out and get in on the action!

Renowned is a strategic deck-building game where players strategically purchase and synergize Items with their Character Skills to build powerful decks. During the Shop Phase, players spend Credits to acquire Gear, Skills, and Augmentations from the Item Shop, enhancing their decks for greater challenges.

In the Buy Phase, players can Haggle to refresh available items by paying 2 Credits, adding a dynamic element to gameplay. The Item Shop offers enticing choices, with Gear and Skill cards providing Attack values and additional effects, while Augmentations offer unique abilities played differently.

During the Cleanup Phase, the gameboard is reset, refilling the Bounty Log, Quest Log, and Item Shop. Players discard their hand, draw new cards, and reshuffle their Discard pile if needed, ensuring a fresh start each turn.

The game concludes when the last Primeval Bounty is completed or when all Bounties are resolved and the Bounty deck is empty. Renowned Points (RP) are tallied based on collected copies of Bounties and Quests, indicated by the Ribbon icon. Collecting multiple copies increases RP, requiring strategic planning.

Renowned offers an immersive and strategic deck-building experience, with the Shop Phase being pivotal. Decisions in purchasing Items, synergizing with Skills, and collecting multiple copies of Bounties and Quests are crucial for victory. Embark on an exciting journey as a Bounty Collector by joining the Kickstarter campaign and diving into the world of Renowned.

You can check their WebsiteFacebookInstagram, and Youtube to learn more about the game.

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INDIE TCG SERIES – RENOWNED: The Exciting Deck Building Game Coming Soon to Kickstarter!