Discover with us a way to protect your comics with ComicCapsule

ComicCapsule presents a solution for all those collectors who want to preserve their comics in the best possible condition. If you want to know more about this project, we invite you to continue with us!

Welcome to the Next Generation of Modern Comic Protection!

ComicCapsule has a lot of the benefits of higher-end comic protection at a more top-loader-friendly price. The ComicCapsule team thought about how Collectors would engage with this product, and they have come up with a lot of small details with them in mind.

The ComicCapsule is made of hard plastic, with a top lip that helps cover the entire comic while still allowing easy access. The lip is hinged, opens easily, and snaps securely back into place when you’re finished. Small rounded feet prevent the ComicCapsule from slipping and helps them stack. The different-colored back plates, which we plan to rollout with your input, allow you to organize and customize the way you want. The common printable label helps those who want to further organize. We have added a secure hook on the back so Collectors can safely hang and display the case and comic together. The ComicCapsule is perfect for those who want to show off their collections without the worry of damage or pesky storage: all at a very reasonable price.

Get involved in the development of ComicCapsule

The first kick-off will be the ComicCapsule with a Semi-Transparent colored backing. And the ComicCapsule team would love to solicit your input on which color the release next! This project is funded through Kickstarter and lal backers will be able to vote on new ComicCapsule colors, including Blue, Red, or Black. All Tier Levels will be able to cast a vote, no matter how much money you pledge.


You can be part of this wonderful project from nine dollars, so we invite you to enter the following link and be part of ComicCapsule .