Find out how one desperate decision can change your life in Benny and the Lich: A Cyber Noir Comic

Kickstarter is a window to a wonderful world, where we can discover unique stories. Today we present Benny and the Lich: A Cyber Noir Comic, a story that introduces us to Benny, a salesman who takes desperate measures to pay his medical bills and this does not turn out as it should. Come and discover this story with us!

What is this comic about?

The duo of writer Matt Styles and artist Andy Gordon have developed the comic Benny and the Lich. This story is about a salesman who resorts to desperate measures when his medical expenses bring a deadly debt collector to his door. Partly inspired by cyber-noir stories like Repo Men, this 36 page one-shot comic is a look into the life of Benny, a door to door cigarette salesman at the end of his rope.

Discover the story behind Benny and the Lich!

Matt and Andy have been best pals since high-school. For the past 8 years, the two have worked together on multiple different creative projects across theater, film, and comics. Benny and the Lich serves as the second comic book collaboration for the duo. The story was created by Matt and fully illustrated cover to cover by Andy. Matt and Andy look forward to future creative endeavors with even more stories to tell and worlds to bring to life!

This book will be a 36 page saddle stitched (floppy) comic with full color pages from cover to cover.

Would you like to see a preview of the comic?

Don’t worry, at C506 we have you covered, here is a preview of Benny and the Lich.

Now, we’ll talk about how to get your copy of Benny and the Lich!

Benny and the Lich is being funded through Kickstarter, where you will not only find this comic, but you can also find exclusive rewards such as original artwork, exclusive versions of the book and much more! So hurry up and go to their Kickstarter page and be part of this great project at

Remember it’s for a limited time, so don’t miss this opportunity!

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