Indie Series – Leviathan Wilds: A Captivating Cooperative Board Game

Hello Dear Friends, and Welcome back to our Indie Series. Today, we have an exciting board game to review that has caught my attention with its thematic elements, captivating artwork, and innovative gameplay. Let’s dive right into it!

The game in question is Leviathan Wilds, a solo, co-op, boss-battling board game that revolves around climbing and saving massive creatures. The game introduces players to a world where leviathans have lost their minds and wreaked havoc. However, after generations of struggle, humanity has learned to heal these majestic creatures.

The game’s Kickstarter campaign was a resounding success, with 4276 backers reaching its funding goal of $208,802 in just 9 minutes. This overwhelming response speaks volumes about the game’s appeal. If you missed out on the campaign, fret not, as there is still an option for a late pledge here.

So, what exactly is Leviathan Wilds? It offers a unique experience through a spiral-bound scenario book that guides players to climb, jumps, and glide through 15 distinct leviathans, each with its map and special rules. As a fan of cooperative games, I find this concept particularly enticing, and it’s something I enjoy playing the most.

In the game, players are tasked with challenging one of the 17 beautifully-illustrated leviathans presented in the spiral-bound book. They build their deck by shuffling cards from a unique character and class. With 8 characters and 8 classes, there are an impressive 64 combinations to discover! The gameplay involves traversing each leviathan’s unique map, dodging attacks, and leaping over treacherous gaps.

The ultimate goal is to shatter the binding crystals to heal the leviathan and emerge victorious. It’s worth noting that Moon Crab Games, the creator of Leviathan Wilds, boasts three decades of combined tabletop industry experience and has crafted numerous incredible games in collaboration with Fantasy Flight Games and Z-Man Games.

To add even more variety and replay value, the Mutation Pack offers 15 mutation sets, each providing a gameplay variant compatible with any of the 15 leviathans. This means there is a staggering 225 leviathan + mutation combinations to explore! The Mutation Pack is generously provided as a free upgrade for all backers at the Core Game pledge level.

Regarding gameplay, Leviathan Wilds offers a wealth of choices on each turn. Players must carefully balance impending leviathan attacks, available cards, actions, and strategic goals. The turn structure involves three key steps: 1. Reveal threat: At the start of each turn, the leviathan’s intended attack is revealed, allowing players a chance to react. 2. Activate climber: Players play a card to gain action points, which they then utilize to traverse the leviathan and strike the binding crystals. 3. Resolve threat: After activation, the threat card is resolved, impacting all targets within the designated area.

What makes the gameplay even more interesting is the ability to play skills from the cards at any time, providing unique and powerful effects. For those who prefer digital experiences, the game is also available in Tabletop Simulator, allowing players to enjoy the detailed rules and explore 15 out of the 17 leviathans, all 8 climbers, 7 classes, and all other necessary components for the full game experience.

If you find yourself captivated by what you’ve read so far and want to delve deeper into the world of Leviathan Wilds, you can join the Leviathan Discord, follow them on Instagram, and like their Facebook page. These platforms will provide you with more updates about the game, allowing you to stay connected and informed.

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