Indie TCG Series – Round Table: A TCG Set in the Age of King Arthur

Step into the realm of Arthurian legends with “Round Table,” a captivating trading card game (TCG) currently being developed by a Colorado small, independent company. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, the game offers a unique blend of TCG mechanics reminiscent of Magic: the Gathering and the captivating characters and locations from the Arthurian legends.  The Kickstarter will be launched this Friday; you can check it here.

About Round Table In Round Table, players collect cards of varying rarities and abilities across five main categories: Knights, who form their armies; Quests and Redirects, to send opponents’ knights on quests or redirect their efforts; Equipment to bolster their knights’ prowess; Demesnes, representing the basic lands; and Regions, the coveted goal of the game, where players strive to be crowned the Supreme Monarch of Britain.

Where Can I Get It? Currently, in the pre-production phase, Round Table has been undergoing rigorous playtesting since September ’22. The company aims to make the game available during the 2023 “convention season,” including events like GenCon. They also actively seek opportunities to demonstrate the game at various gaming and hobby stores across the Front Range of Colorado. If you wish to have Round Table showcased in your local store, don’t hesitate to contact Nimue Innovation Studios at [email protected].

Meet the Designers Leading the charge is Bill DeVoe, a versatile designer with a passion for gaming, software development, YouTube content creation, and fostering organizational success. With over 40 years of role-playing game experience, Bill brings his love for immersive storytelling to the heart of Round Table.


The Nimue Connection Curious about the studio’s name, Nimue? It pays homage to one of the Ladies of the Lake, featured in Arthurian legends. This powerful figure, known by various names, is significant in the stories, including trapping Merlin in a rock and becoming Arthur’s trusted advisor during challenging times. Nimue, the “chief” Lady of the Lake, according to Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur, was chosen as the studio’s name to evoke the magic and wisdom of Arthurian tales.

As Round Table journeys towards completion, this innovative TCG promises to immerse players in the grandeur and mystery of the Age of King Arthur. Watch for the game’s upcoming release, and let the legends come to life as you take your place at the Round Table! For more information about Nimue Innovation Studios and their updates, stay tuned with us. We will cover the game as soon as it launches on Kickstarter next week.

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