Indie TCG Series: Exciting News for Metamancers TCG

Hello, friends and lovers of Indie TCG! Today, I bring exciting news about Metamancers TCG. As we previously reviewed the game, I am now preparing an interview with the creator. The first update is that you can find the print-and-play files here, providing an easy way to test the game. Additionally, the first decklist is officially available here. Check out the thrilling gameplay video below featuring Alonso vs. Silas. Dive deeper into the world of Metamancers!

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You can find more information about the game on their website and Discord.

Facebook: C506
Facebook Group: C506-Comunidad Geek
Twitter: C506 Latinoamérica
Instagram: C506 Latinoamérica
Video: YouTube

Indie TCG Series – Metamancers Now in Kickstarter!