Indie TCG Series – Dead World TCG

Hello, Indie TCG lovers! The world of Trading Card Games (TCGs) continues to evolve, and today, we bring you an exciting review of a newcomer on the scene – “Dead World TCG,” created by Shawn Gard. You can check the game here.

In a world where TCGs are often developed by large teams, Dead World was designed by Shawn, the TALENTED artist, Shawn’s wife and a few individuals assisting with playtesting. This one-person show began in 2023 when a passionate TCG enthusiast embarked on a journey to bring their vision to life. The game is set in an anime-style world conceived during the pandemic and is designed from the ground up with a focus on fun and playability.

The first set of Dead World TCG introduces six factions – Human, Hero, Robot, Monster, Vampire, and Zombie, each divided into two energy groups. Players can enhance their armies with mounts, weapons, armor, companions, and items, offering endless strategic possibilities.

A unique feature of Dead World TCG is the ability to collect resources and blueprint cards to construct structures on the battlefield. These structures can provide energy, launch attacks, and grant defensive advantages, adding depth to the gameplay.

Skirmishes determine the time and location of battles, while a side deck offers exclusive characters, items, and mounts that can be acquired through various actions like summoning, crafting, or evolving.

Dead World TCG incorporates streamlined icons to make gameplay smoother, reducing the need for extensive reading and allowing players to focus on the action.

In Dead World TCG, the first leader to successfully attack the opposing leader wins the game, but only if the opposing leader has no defending characters.

One of the standout features of Dead World TCG is the real art created by talented artists from around the globe, including ANOIR JAAFARI, LUISOART, RAY OF SAND, and SARAH VICENTE. Their contributions add depth and visual appeal to this exciting new TCG.

So, if you’re a fan of indie TCGs and crave a blend of fun, strategy, and engaging artwork, Dead World TCG might be your next gaming obsession. Dive into this anime-inspired world and discover the endless possibilities that await you.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Stay tuned for more exciting details coming soon!

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