(C506 Review) Join us on a journey through Centralia to discover its secrets in this review of Centralia 2050 vol. 1

At C506 we’ve always been proud to bring you reviews of the best comics in the indie scene. Today we are pleased to present you the review of Centralia 2050 vol. 1. So get ready, because you will enter a whole new world!

(W/A/CA) Michelle Stanford

Centralia 2050 vol. 1 presents us with a story separated into three chapters, where we are presented with “Awake” as the first chapter, followed by the second chapter called “Blackout” and culminating with “The Switch“.

Broadly speaking, in Awake we will meet Midori, who has lost her memory and wakes up in Centralia, a futuristic city, full of strangers who have lost themselves in technology and cannot see beyond their own noses, focused on their own world. Midori realizes that she is not alone, she has a connection with a little girl, who we will discover sooner rather than later, is missing. In her search, Midori meets Gray, who will help her discover the truth of this city full of secrets.

In Blackout we discover that the city suffered a terrible power outage, which left many in total darkness, leaving hundreds of people adrift, and not only that, many other people have disappeared without a trace. Lumico, an energy company, has decided to bring the light back, filling the city with promise, but no one questions where it came from.

In The Switch, we discover that there is a resistance, which seeks the welfare of the population and seeks to reveal the truths of this city. Midori realizes that she is not like everyone else, what secret is she hiding? Maybe she doesn’t even know the truth about her origin.

To start with the review of this first volume of Centralia 2050, we would like to talk about the story and narrative by Michelle Stanford. Centralia 2050 presents from its first page a character of its own, generating an air of mystery, while introducing us to a great city. Centralia, by itself, presents us with hundreds of enigmas that need to be discovered, so Stanford did an incredible job leading us into this city, presenting a solid and consistent story.

Referring also to the story, within Centralia 2050, we can see a perfectly executed character construction, the gradual opening to introduce us to characters allows us to understand their motivations and why they are there, generating a positive environment for us, who, as readers, must get to know this new world. Centralia 2050 proves to be apt for recurrent readers, such as those who are new to reading graphic novels.

More than understanding the characters, we also empathize with them, we are invited to feel what they feel and discover the layers they possess. Throughout this first volume, we can feel how the citizens of Centralia feel in their world, their concerns and we can discover a more human side of this automated city.

We would also like to cover the art of Centralia 2050. If we were asked to describe the art of this story in one word, we would say “AMAZING!”, every page, every panel and every gesture is wonderful. As you read Centralia 2050, you can feel Michelle Stanford’s love and passion for her work, resulting in exceptional art!

Centralia 2050 is strongly inspired by the visual style of the manga, which gives dynamism to each of the panels of the story, generating a sequential art that is attractive to readers, however, no detail is left out, so we can expect hidden details behind all the action that this story presents.

We can conclude that Centralia 2050 Vol. 1 presents us with a story that is spectacular! We at C506 were amazed by this story and without a doubt, we are looking forward to reading more of this incredible world! If you, like us, are interested in learning more about Centralia, we invite you to participate in their Kickstarter campaign, where they are currently funding the second volume of this story, but that’s not all, you can also find additional rewards that you won’t see anywhere else. Discover this story for yourself by clicking on the following link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/michelledraws/centralia-2050-vol-2?

Remember it’s for a limited time, so don’t miss this opportunity!

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The amazing artist Michelle Stanford returns to Kickstarter to present Centralia 2050 Vol. 2 – Don’t miss it!