Indie TCG Series – Rivals Kickstarter already Funded!

Welcome to the world of Indie TCG games, where innovation meets excitement. Today, we’re diving into the thrilling universe of “Rivals,” a dynamic blend of Battle Royale and deckbuilding board gaming that promises an adrenaline-packed experience for 2 to 6 players.

The “Rivals” community is nothing short of fantastic. Their enthusiasm and support were evident when the Kickstarter campaign launched on September 12th, achieving full funding on the very same day. You can click here to be part of the campaign.

In “Rivals,” players step into the shoes of Ashaks, fierce warriors fighting to save their clans from the perilous void of exile in a futuristic setting. The game revolves around exploration, resource gathering, and acquiring new weapons, skills, and tactics. What makes “Rivals” truly captivating is the fusion of two fantastic gaming mechanics: deckbuilding and Battle Royale, crafted by the talented team at Unkind Games in France.  You can learn more about the game in their website here.

The heart-pounding action unfolds over three eras, consisting of multiple rounds, each divided into two turns. With just two action points per turn, players must strategize their moves wisely, whether it’s exploring the arena, upgrading their decks, or engaging in intense combat. As the rounds progress, the arena shrinks, throwing established strategies into chaos and demanding adaptability for victory. Take a look at the how-to-play video below.

“Rivals” offers over 170 cards, each serving as a weapon, tool, tactic, or skill. The diversity of these cards allows players to tailor their strategies, choosing between melee or long-range combat, psychic or explosive attacks, defensive or aggressive playstyles.

This game’s complexity is its strength, offering immense replayability and the opportunity for players to explore various tactics and strategies. You can delve deeper into the game’s mechanics by checking out the beta rulebook or experiencing it firsthand on TableTop Simulator here.

For an immersive experience, join the “Rivals” community on Discord, participate in tournaments, and watch exciting gameplay videos on their YouTube channel. Don’t worry if you’re not fluent in French; subtitles are available!

With support for up to six players and the intriguing deckbuilding element, “Rivals” is a must-try for tabletop gaming enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in its rich lore, which draws inspiration from the mystical Wicaksanas clan, and discover the importance of preserving nature’s balance in an ever-evolving universe.

In summary, “Rivals” offers an exciting blend of deckbuilding and Battle Royale gameplay in a futuristic setting. With a thriving community and swift Kickstarter success, it’s a must-try for tabletop gaming enthusiasts. Join the Ashaks and embark on a thrilling gaming adventure.

Hope you enjoy this; stay tuned for more news about Indie TCG and the Rivals game.

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