Top-Down Hero Shooter ‘Wardens Rising’ Slays Enemies, Defends Bases in Explosive New Gameplay Trailer

A new threat to mankind has emerged, and it’s up to you, Warden, to stop it! Fresh off a successful showing at gamescom 2023, top-down PvE hero shooter and base defense game Wardens Rising is back with an explosive new gameplay trailer ahead of its early 2024 launch on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles.

Enjoy a solo campaign or online multiplayer co-op “Mission Mode” with up to three other players and choose from a selection of playable heroes, each with unique skills and abilities. Heroes include the cold-as-ice and tough-as-nails Selene Frost, who freezes enemies in their tracks, and the Engineer, who can simply set the world (and his foes) on fire with flame and smash-based attacks and his mecha ultimate!

Successfully survive each enemy onslaught and keep your base’s core safe, and your heroes will grow in power, as Wardens Rising allows you to customize your loadout and upgrade your weapons, health, and pet companion between battles.

Key Features of Wardens Rising:

  • Be a Lone Wolf or a Team Player: Go it alone in the solo campaign, or team up with up to three friends in the online co-op multiplayer Mission Mode as you save humanity from an existential threat together

  • Smart Defense is the Best Offense: Tactical, on-the-fly positioning and building are vital to achieving glory against the otherwise daunting waves of enemy attacks

  • Custom Tech Loadouts: Experiment with different combinations of technology to defend cores, including traps, towers, walls, portals, and more!

  • A Badge of Honor: Progress through Mission Mode and replay campaign levels to hone your skills, earn Victory Points to upgrade your gear, and receive achievements and badges to mark your success among Wardens

Wardens Rising will be released on Windows PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store and Xbox and PlayStation consoles in 2024.

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