Let’s review ComicCapsule – The new way to protect your everyday modern comic books!

At C506 we have always been collectors and lovers of comics, so the protection of comics has always been one of the main factors to keep in mind for our collections. Today we have the pleasure to review ComicCapsule, an incredible alternative for the protection of comics. Stay tuned, we will tell you all about our experience!

First things first, what is ComicCapsule?

ComicCapsule is a product that offers a new level of security for your comics, being an additional layer using hard plastic, with a top edge that helps cover the entire comic while allowing easy access. The lip is hinged, opens easily and snaps back into place when you’re done. The small, rounded feet prevent the ComicCapsule from slipping and help with stacking, so you can keep all your comics neat and protected.

How has our experience with this product been?

If we had to describe this experience in one word, it would be WONDERFUL!

From the first contact we had with ComicCapsule, we can say that the security it provides is palpable. ComicCapsule is developed with a solid plastic, easily recognizable, which allows us to appreciate that it is of high durability and resistance, being a first step to check the quality of this product.

Now let’s talk about the opening and shape of this product. ComicCapsule has a lip at the top, which allows the opening of this protector, this lip is easily manipulated and allows a smooth and delicate opening of the protector. Once we opened our ComicCapsule, we proceeded to introduce our comic and to our surprise it entered in a masterful way, there are no empty spaces, so our comic would not be damaged as a result of fast movements, this being a great advantage over other comic protectors.

We also note other features of ComicCapsules, we would like to highlight their ability to be stacked. ComicCapsule has front and back parts that can be stacked, which not only provides stability for our comics, but also presents a great benefit when we have to order and manipulate our comics.

On the other hand, a quality of ComicCapsule that we found innovative, corresponds to its ability to be displayed without any additional complement. Many times, as collectors, we wish to have a way to display our comics in some space, but for this we must acquire additional accessories that allow us to place our collectibles on the wall. ComicCapsule can be placed on any wall that allows it, thus providing an ideal visualization of our comic in any space we want.

Is it safe to display our comics in lighted places?

As we mentioned at the beginning, we are collectors, so our usual answer would be a resounding no, but, thanks to ComicCapsule this opinion has changed. ComicCapsule offers UV protection, which prevents damage from light exposure on our comics, avoiding loss of color or damage to the comic’s ink, allowing us to safely display our comics.

Do we recommend ComicCapsule?

The answer is simple, YES! ComicCapsule offers ideal protection for comics, allowing you to take care of your collections in the best possible way. The product has a lot to offer and is suitable for both Modern-sized comics (with bag & board) and Silver-sized comics (standalone). The design is impressive, and the materials feel durable, allowing for good organization of our comics. The creators of this awesome protector also care about us and provide us with additional help from their website for the creation of labels for our ComicCapsules!

We invite you to discover this product for yourself by visiting the official ComicCapsule website and enjoying this wonderful product. You can access their website by clicking on the following link https://www.comiccapsule.com/

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