Indie TCG Series – Backrooms TCG: A Unique Solitaire Kickstarter Campaign Live!

Welcome back, Indie TCG enthusiasts! The much-anticipated Kickstarter campaign for Backrooms TCG Solitaire is now live, and it’s a must-see for all fans of both trading card games and solitaire. You can check it out here: Backrooms TCG Kickstarter.

In this unique fusion of solitaire and TCG, players are transported into the enigmatic Backrooms—a haunting liminal space. As the Wanderer trapped within this eerie realm, you must skillfully navigate room cards, confront entities, and manage your sanity score to escape.

Backrooms TCG offers a thrilling solitaire experience where you control your destiny, making strategic decisions with every card played. Victory demands resourcefulness, cunning, and unwavering resolve, as you face the ever-present dread of treacherous entities and hostile environments.

With 52 cards at your disposal, including room cards, item cards, entity cards, and outcome cards, every move is crucial. The goal is clear: obtain the coveted Painite gem from a powerful entity and find the elusive exit to freedom.

But that’s not all! Dive into the digital comic “Backrooms TCG: Beyond Reality,” where Alia embarks on a journey through the Backrooms. Unearth the secrets of this enigmatic space alongside her, using your knowledge of different cultures to solve puzzles and unlock the mysteries of the Backrooms.

Key features of “Backrooms TCG: Beyond Reality” include a gripping storyline, stunning artwork, an interactive reading experience, and heart-stopping revelations that challenge everything you thought you knew.

Join this extraordinary adventure today and immerse yourself in the world of Backrooms TCG. Whether you’re a solitaire aficionado or a TCG enthusiast, there’s only room for one true legend in this game—you! Don’t miss your chance to support the Kickstarter campaign and become a part of this thrilling journey.

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Indie TCG – Backrooms TCG: A Solitary Escape