Indie TCG Series – Booster Brat Kickstart Live!

Hello Indie TCG Lovers, on August, we reviewed Booster Brat TCG. If you’re a fan of TCGs, you’ll want to check out their Kickstarter campaign! The pledge levels are fantastic; the next stretch goal includes a cool t-shirt. You can find all the details here: Booster Brat TCG Kickstarter.

Booster Brat TCG is a card game created by Daniel Garvin, featuring captivating artwork and innovative gameplay. It’s been meticulously designed and playtested by professionals, ensuring both newcomers and experienced players can enjoy it. The unique playmat, constructed from 18 cards in 9-pocket pages, makes setup a breeze.

What sets Booster Brat apart is its blend of family-friendly fun and witty references to the TCG world. It’s like the Pixar of TCGs, offering a colorful world of heroes and challenges. Plus, you can experience the game’s meta aspect on Tabletop Simulator, where you can build decks, battle friends, and expand your card collection. The game offers a perfect balance of collectibility and rarity, and the way it presents the game’s story and rules is truly exceptional. Don’t miss out on this exciting TCG adventure!

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Indie TCG Series – Booster Brat: A Tale of Cards, Strategy, and Brotherly Bonds