Indie TCG Series – ArchPiratus: A Deckbuilding Game of Space Piracy

You’re not going to become a legendary space pirate overnight!  You’ll have to equip your ship…hire a talented crew…take whatever jobs you can get…and maybe even commit a little PIRACY.

​This is a great introduction for today’s review. Welcome, Indie TCG lovers, as we review ArchPiratus: A Deckbuilding Game of Space Piracy, created by Todd Bartine, Evey Bartine, and Jenn Ampulski. If this isn’t enough, you can watch the video below. The Kickstarter campaign is live; you can check it out and pledge here.

This game follows in the same line as ARCHANGELIS, a deckbuilding game. You and your opponents start with very basic, identical decks. In the middle of the game area is the store. Each turn, players can buy cards to make their decks stronger. Buying the right cards and playing them wisely is how you win.

The Cards

Jobs: Jobs are how you win. Take easy jobs, like salvaging a wreck, or hard jobs, like a high-speed heist. Do enough jobs, and you’ll get a chance to rule the entire sector.

Tech: Your starting ship isn’t much to look at. But buy and equip the right engine, rooms, armor, computer, and weapons, and you will be a force to be reckoned with.

Crew and Titles: You won’t get far without a talented crew. Pilots, navigators, commanding officers, security officers, and mechanics will help you get the jobs.

Piracy: Every pirate has to have an ace (or three) up their sleeves. Piracy cards will give you an edge, allowing you to perform abilities that either help you or hurt your opponents.

Take a look at the “How to Play” video below to learn more about the game.

What are the other features of the game?

  1. Our signature two-deck store: When refilling the store, choose the Crew Deck or the Tech Deck.
  2. Multi-use cards: Many cards can be used for multiple purposes, and the strategy is up to you!
  3. High-quality materials: UV coating and linen texture on the cards, with high-resolution printing on cards and packaging.

The Core Set allows for 2 players to engage in battle. The Four Player add-on expands the player count to 2-4 players.

Admiralty Add-on, First Contact Add-on, and Cosmic Events Add-on expand the world of the game and increase strategic options.

The deckbuilder genre is one of my favorites because it combines elements of TCGs and board games. This game looks fantastic, and we will be reviewing it soon on our channel.

Here are the game’s social media accounts you can follow to see more artwork and comments about the game.

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That’s all for today, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading. If you can’t wait for Archpiratus, you can explore Archangelis products here: Archangelis Shop.

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