The post-apocalyptic Hades-Syndrome saga continues with “The last gig” – Come and discover this story with us

The Hades-Syndrome is an old friend of C506. We previously met them for their amazing story “Hunting Season” in 2021, in which we were amazed with the quality of art and history that was presented to us. Now, they are back to present us “The last Gig”, if you want to know what this story is about, continue with us.

Discover the Hades-Syndrome saga

The post-apocalyptic saga “Hades-Syndrome” with the adventures of Dodo and Nuke is published in Germany by TheNextArt since 2007 and currently consists of 23 issues.

After “Hunting Season” in 2021 “The last Gig” will be the next storyline to be re-launched in one completely overworked 128-pages book translated to English. Of course, a German version will be available too.

…in the near future. Twenty years of global war for the last energy  resources have left large parts of Europe in desolation. A new wall  separates Germany. On the one side dwell the last remnants of a  prosperous society – on the other side the third world… Here, in this world of the poor, the so-called Quarantine-Zone, we meet Dodo and Nuke. Together they struggle to survive in a world full of anarchy, violence and murder.

The Last Gig

Dodo, a former resistance fighter is the guitarist of the metal band Iwo Jima Girls. One last big concert in the quarantine zone should bring the band a breakthrough.

Nuke, a deserted war veteran works for the security of the concert organizer. During the preparations for the concert, Dodo and Nuke meet and fall in love.

The performance of the Iwo Jima Girls is a great success. But shortly after, a bloody gang war breaks out, throwing Dodo and Nuke’s lives completely off track…

Would you like to see a preview?

Say no more, here’s a preview of “The last Gig”.

The book

“Hades-Syndrom – The last Gig” will be published in US format (6,69″ x 10,24″ / 17 x 26 cm). The 128 pages book comes in two versions – Trade Paperback and Hardcover – with two different covers. The books are printed on high-quality paper with sturdy thread sewing.

By supporting this book, you can choose your book version! The TPB with cover artwork by Michael Feldmann or the Hardcover variant cover by Jairo Valverde as your reward!

Discover the creative team behind this story

The enthusiastic comic fan Sebastian Schwarzbold is the head of the  small independent publisher TheNextArt,  which also publishes Michael’s  series “Hades Syndrome” and “Seneca  Akte”. Other series from the  publisher are “Der Engel” and “The  Counselor” by Tomppa / Robert  Heracles, “Starchild” by Hannes Klesse,  “Aquatic Empire” by Robert  Heracles, “Touch” and “Thief Sisters” by  HOK, “Lilly Swan” by Matt Fynch  and “Enclave” by Sascha Dörp, just to  name a few of the artists.

TheNextArt has existed since 2004 and with more than 200 publications  has become an indispensable part of the German comic scene.

Instagram @thenextartverlag

Michael Feldmann is a comic artist from Germany. He is a graduate of the Free Academy of Fine Arts (freie Akademie der bildenden Künste) in Essen (Germany). Michael is the  creator of the comic-series “Hades-Syndrom” and “Seneca Akte”.

His publications (in German) for TheNextArt so far:

  • Hades-Syndrom I – VI (2007 – 2012)
  • Hades-Syndrom – revised edition I – III (2010 – 2013)
  • Hades-Syndrom – Der letzte Gig (graphic novel version) (2011)
  • Hades-Syndrom – Crossfire I and II (2013)
  • Hades-Syndrom – Hunting Season I – VI (2014 – 2015)
  • Hades-Syndrom – Der Test (2015)
  • Hades-Syndrom – Der freie Wille (2016)
  • Hades-Syndrom – Der letzte Gig I and II (comic book version) (2017)
  • Hades-Syndrom – Epitaph I, II und III (2015 – 2018)
  • Pin ups (2009)
  • Pin ups II (2015)
  • TNA United I (2014)
  • TNA United II (2018)
  • Seneca Akte I – Die Ustica-Verschwörung (2017)
  • Seneca Akte II – Tod in Genf (2020)

His publications (in English) for TheNextArt so far:

  • Hades-Syndrome – Hunting Season (2021)
  • Pin Ups III (2022)

instagram @michaelfeldmanncomicartist

let’s talk about how you can get your copy of The last Gig!

The last Gig is currently being funded through Kickstarter, where you can not only find this comic, but you can also find original art, other books and much, much more. Join this campaign and discover for yourself what this comic has in store for you!

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