Indie TCG Series – Massive-Verse: Fighting Card Game on Kickstarter

Hello, Indie TCG lovers! This week, we want to remind you about the Massive-Verse: Fighting Card Game, which is currently on Kickstarter and has already reached 100% funding. We invite you to check out their campaign here.

The Massive-Verse is an interconnected universe of superhero stories, published by Image Comics. It spans various genres, including galactic sci-fi, gothic fantasy, teen drama, noir murder mysteries, and more! Now, these diverse characters will clash in head-to-head duels and epic team fights in Pocket Paragons!

In the Massive-Verse: Fighting Card Game, you can choose an iconic hero from this expansive universe and add their cards to your arsenal. Unleash their incredible abilities to dominate your opponent. Each duel is a pulse-pounding test of skill and simultaneous action strategy, perfect for satisfying your competitive cravings when you’re short on time. The game is played in a 3v3 format, allowing you to share abilities among your Paragons for a deeper strategic experience.

Designed by Brian Mckay, the Pocket Paragons system is a lightning-quick fighting card game. Each set in the Pocket Paragons line offers a unique and standalone playable experience. You can also combine different sets for an epic crossover!

The game utilizes the “Paragon Fighting System,” which is easy to grasp even for newcomers. Each character has their own unique cards, but they all adhere to a set of principles specific to their card set. The strategy of the game comes into play when players decide which card to play each turn, considering the possibility of successful counters (using a simple rock-paper-scissors system). If no counter occurs, both cards go off simultaneously, often resulting in damage for one or both players. These cards are then “exhausted” until they are readied again, usually by using the “rest” card. The objective is to reduce your opponent’s health to 0 or execute a decisive move.

The game also involves hand management, with executing your opponent happening if you play your rest card when your opponent plays their weapon card. Timing your rest card strategically, in a way that is unpredictable yet efficient, is key to mastering the game.

Despite being a quick-playing game, with individual fights lasting about 5 minutes, the box includes various game modes, often following a “first to three” or “best of three” format, which brings a full game closer to 15-30 minutes.

If you’d like to try out a Print and Play version of the original Origins set, you can find it here. Although this print and play version doesn’t feature Massive-Verse content yet, it will give you a taste of what Pocket Paragons is all about. It even includes a Solo Mode!

Additionally, you can check out the Tabletop Simulator Mod of previous Pocket Paragons content here. While this mod doesn’t include Massive-Verse content yet, it will give you an idea of the gameplay mechanics.

Solis Game Studio, the creator of the Massive-Verse: Fighting Card Game, is a Latinx family-owned business located in San Mateo, California. Established in 2020, they have also created games such as Pocket Paragons and Space Lion, and have provided studio-for-hire services for many other games.

One highlight of the Massive-Verse: Fighting Card Game is its solo mode. To learn more about this mode, you can watch the YouTube video below:

So, if you’re an Indie TCG enthusiast, don’t miss out on the Massive-Verse: Fighting Card Game on Kickstarter. Join the exciting world of the Massive-Verse and experience thrilling battles with iconic heroes from across the universe!

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