Indie Games – Warriors & Writings: Fury of the Wild – A Print & Play Fantasy Dungeon Crawler

Welcome back, Indie Games lovers! Today, we have an exciting review of the print and play game, Warriors & Writings: Fury of the Wild. Developed by Nice @ Dice, a small tabletop games design studio focused on creating print-at-home games, this roll & write fantasy dungeon crawler is sure to captivate players.

Warriors & Writings accommodates 2 – 4 players in competitive play, with a playtime of around 30 minutes. It can also be enjoyed as a solo adventure. The game is recommended for players 10-years-old and up, making it accessible to a wide range of gaming enthusiasts.

In this Kickstarter campaign for Set 2, Fury of the Wild, two new heroes and three new maps are introduced. The content in Set 2 is fully compatible with Set 1, allowing players to mix and match heroes and maps for endless adventures. Notably, Fury of the Wild brings the addition of a new terrain type, water, and multiple boss enemies on each map.

As part of the campaign, the creator has made available the expansion, Warriors & Writings Encounter 1: The Labyrinth. This expansion adds a new type of challenge, where an enemy will pursue you through the maze.

The gameplay of Warriors & Writings is straightforward and intuitive. Players roll two dice each round and use the resulting values to resolve their actions. Moving across the map, fighting enemies, and collecting treasure are all part of the thrilling adventure.

One of the fantastic aspects of this game is its print-at-home nature. Print the maps and heroes as many times as needed, and with the addition of dice and pencils, players have everything required for gameplay. After the game, players can recycle their marked papers or keep them as a memorable souvenir.

Warriors & Writings offers a variety of experiences through different combinations of characters and maps. With the Knight, the Mage, and various maps, each playthrough presents unique challenges and strategic decisions. The game also provides options for more advanced adventurers and additional characters and maps.

For those interested in trying out Warriors & Writings, an Introductory Edition is available for free download here. This edition includes a streamlined version of the rules, three small maps, and three simplified characters. It offers a taste of the game’s mechanics and features.

Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on this thrilling fantasy dungeon crawling adventure with Warriors & Writings: Fury of the Wild. Happy gaming!

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