Join David Hedgecock in his new comic book SUPER KAIJU ROCK-N-ROLLER DERBY FUN TIME GO! – Only on Kickstarter

Kickstarter has helped bring numerous amazing projects to life. We at C506 have always prided ourselves on sharing with you the best active projects on Kickstarter. Today we are pleased to share with you SUPER KAIJU ROCK-N-ROLLER DERBY FUN TIME GO! Come and discover with us this fun and awesome story.

Let’s discover together the story of this incredible comic

It’s sound waves blasting and reverberating from the instruments of the greatest rock band you’ve never heard of in an almost palpable current of awesomeness! It’s a monstrous, deadly, gigantic force of nature looming before you like a typhoon, a hurricane, an earthquake given life! It’s a glorious mash-up and revitalization of 70’s pop culture beats from Blacksploitation Films, to Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Cinema, to Kaiju Movies!

We will have a guest to introduce you in more detail to the story ofSUPER KAIJU ROCK-N-ROLLER DERBY FUN TIME GO!

Let’s discover the details of the comic

This is a hardcover, 48-page, square-bound, graphic novella in full color prestige format. The graphic novella includes a lead story, two bonus stories, and a host of pinups and added material from some of the best working artists in the graphic novel industry today!

Would you like to see a preview of SUPER KAIJU ROCK-N-ROLLER DERBY FUN TIME GO!

Say no more, below you’ll find this amazing preview.

In addition to the main story, you will also find two additional stories by The Xong Brothers!


DAVID HEDGECOCK (Creator and writer) is a creative publishing and media executive with over 17 years of experience managing production and personnel at the publisher level. David was the Editor-in-Chief and then Associate Publisher for IDW Publishing, the 4th largest comic book and graphic novel company in North America, over a 6-year span prior to his departure in mid-2020. As a result, he has really cool friends.

Currently, David is enjoying work as the Publisher of Think Outside the Tax Box, North America’s premier online newsletter for tax planning professionals. While tax education is demanding, David still manages to find time for comics, acting as a publishing consultant and Editor-at-Large for several prominent companies, helping manage and develop their in-house publishing capabilities. Somewhere in there he found time to write comics for the first time!

David spends what he laughingly calls his free time with his amazing son, incredible girlfriend, and enjoys every precious moment of it.

ROLANDO MALLADA (Artist and colorist), better known as Rolo, is a Uruguayan artist dedicated to comics and illustration. Since 2006, he has collaborated with various publishers and companies such as Ape Entertainment, Plymouth Rock, and Capsule House, creating characters and stories for projects such as Teddy Scares, Pocket God, Kung-Fu Panda, Shrek, Go-Go Gorilla, Neymar Jr. Comics and Capsule Cards, among others. His style is dynamic, colorful, and full of humor. He is passionate about comics and video games and is always looking for new ways to express his creativity. He currently lives in Montevideo and works as a freelancer for several clients.

THE XONG BROTHERS (Bonus art) are a team of two self-taught artists based in India. They are full time freelancers focused primarily on comic illustration (cover art and interior art) and short animation projects. The Xong Brothers art style is mostly based on Japanese anime and manga art styles. The team consists of two twin brothers, Balram Banerjee, and Krishna Banerjee. They go by the pen name “Xongbros” on social media. Krishna does the comic penciling, inking and character animation, while Balram does all the coloring and also handles the coloring effects and the final compositing of the animations they create.

JUSTIN BIRCH (Lettering) is a Ringo Award nominated letterer born and raised in the hills of West Virginia. Lettering comics since 2015, he has worked with AWA, Boom!, DC, IDW, and numerous indy publishers as a member of AndWorld Design. Justin still lives in West Virginia, only now it’s with his loving wife, daughters, and their dog, Kirby.

RON MARZ (Editor) has been writing comics for three decades, starting his career with a lengthy run on Silver Surfer for Marvel. Since then, he has worked for virtually every major publisher and compiled a long list of credits, including stints on Thor for Marvel, Green Lantern and Superboy for DC, Star Wars for Dark Horse, and the historic Marvel vs. DC crossover. He is a multiple Harvey Award nominee.

CHASE W. MAROTZ (Editor-in-chief) is a seasoned creative professional with a background in publishing, entertainment, and video games. Formerly the lead narrative designer of Gameloft New York, he joined IDW Publishing’s editorial department in 2017, where he oversaw multiple licenses and acquired books for the publisher’s originals program. He transitioned to IDW’s entertainment arm in 2021, where he worked to develop comic properties into film and television. In 2023, Chase left IDW to pursue a web3 gaming venture, as well as join his former boss David Hedgecock at Think Outside the Tax Box and Fun Time Go, Inc. When not staring at the computer, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Lisa, and their two cats and one dog, who will start getting along any day now.

Now, discover with us how to get this comic book

This comic is being funded through Kickstarter, where you can not only find this comic, but you can also find original art, variant covers and much, much more! If you want to know more about this great comic we invite you to join their campaign by clicking on the following link


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