Welcome back, friends! You might recall our previous review of Temporal War TCG, a game that initially faced obstacles during its first campaign. But fear not, as the creator Buster Shadwick, also known as the “Architect,” is back with renewed vigor and exciting updates. You can check out the new campaign here.

In 2020, a power outage during a daytime storm sparked the idea for The Temporal War. Starting with index cards and a pencil, the game gradually evolved to include a custom-made hexagonal board and high-quality prototype cards. This led to the re-birth of Infinity Fiction LLC. Founded in 2017, the company’s mission was to provide a platform for talented artists, but it lacked a defining project until The Temporal War existed. Thanks to the game’s success, six artists were hired, setting the stage for future projects by Infinity Fiction LLC.

Looking ahead, the current campaign’s objective is to distribute as many Alpha copies of the game to stores as possible. This approach invites valuable playtester feedback and lays the groundwork for a competitive gaming scene. By 2024, players across different stores will have experienced the game, and the Beta version will be available for purchase, marking the beginning of the exciting “Beta League.”

In the Beta League, players can compete locally, earning points for victories and participation. As tournaments approach, those with the highest scores will be honored to represent their respective stores. While logistics are still being refined, the potential for growth and community involvement is limitless.

So, rally behind The Temporal War’s new campaign and be part of the journey that could shape the future of gaming. The possibilities are vast, and together, we’ll witness this unique creation’s incredible potential as it moves forward in time.

You may check more information on their webpage here.

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Indie TCG Series – The Temporal War: A New Indie TCG