Indie TCG Series – Booster Brat: A Tale of Cards, Strategy, and Brotherly Bonds

Welcome back to the Indie TCG Series. Today, the spotlight shines on Booster Brat, a brainchild of Daniel Garvin, who serves as the artist, graphic designer, and creator of this exhilarating new TCG that pays homage to the past 25 years of trading card games. To stay updated about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign launch, click here.

With a deep-rooted passion for TCGs, Daniel, a seasoned collector, and enthusiast, had always nurtured the dream of crafting his own trading card game. His proficient graphic designer and artist background uniquely positions him to transform this aspiration into reality.

Drawing inspiration from personal reminiscences of collecting TCGs alongside his brothers, Daniel’s illustrations blend diverse animation styles, encompassing Vintage Disney, Looney Tunes, and Pocket Monsters.

Booster Brat unveils the tale of three brothers joining the influential Pocketeer cult, an organization devoted to gathering and encapsulating universal treasures within mechanized trading card frames.

The trio’s personas mirror Daniel and his siblings. Spark, the creative and assertive leader, reflects Daniel’s attributes. Captain, representing his twin brother, exudes strength, tactical brilliance, and strong opinions, while Binky, the embodiment of his youngest brother, radiates an insatiable thirst for fun.

Booster Brat caters to novice and experienced players, offering simple and intricate strategies. Players step into the roles of upper-echelon Pocketeer leaders, endeavoring to seize their opponents’ collections.

The game employs a 60-card deck, featuring agents and units that evolve into more potent forms through equipping and items. Tactics are shaped by settings and events, influencing gameplay dynamics.

Duels consist of characters competing, with the mightier prevailing and claiming both characters, attached cards, and eventual victory. The first to collect 18 cards emerges triumphant.

Distinctive themes—Friend, Enemy, Cult, Prime, and Neo—define Booster Brat’s cards, each embodying unique play styles.

Amidst the excitement, every card boasts universal playability across decks, eliminating the need for energy or mana cards. Resources replenish to 11 each turn, mirroring the count in Booster Packs.

Delving into the anticipated products funded by this venture, Booster Brat envisions a lineup including booster pack boxes, alternate arts, serialized chase cards, and special foil collector packs. Specialized theme decks, an evolution of the current 2-player set available for purchase, further enrich the game.

After two years of dedicated effort, Daniel recognizes that crafting Booster Brat has been an immensely enjoyable journey, amalgamating his passions: trading card collecting, artistry, storytelling, and tabletop gaming. With artwork already crafted for the initial 150 cards, the path forward involves printing and delivery alongside a treasure trove of potential designs awaiting exploration. You can check the available products on the official website here.

The journey of Booster Brat promises to unfold as an evolving narrative, capturing the sweeping history of TCGs. Daniel extends a warm invitation to join him on this captivating adventure, where even you become part of the collectible landscape.

If you’re eager to delve deeper into this game, join their Discord community here and follow them on Instagram here. For a more immersive experience, you can also explore the game on Tabletop Simulator here.

We invite you to stay tuned as we review a starter sent to us by Daniel, intended to be shared with all of you.

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