The talented writer and illustrator, Joseph Schmalke, returns to Kickstarter to present We Don’t Kill Spiders Vol.1 – Come and discover with us this comic!

Kickstarter has been the window to discover incredible worlds, where comic book fans can support their favorite creators and discover amazing stories. Today, we are pleased to present We Don’t Kill Spiders Vol.1 by Joseph Schmalke. Come and discover with us this wonderful graphic novel!

Let’s meet Joseph Schmalke

Joseph Schmalke is a comic creator living in Maine. A classically trained artist, graduating summa cum laude from the University of Massachusetts with a B.A. in Fine Art, he is a lifelong lover of comics and horror. He has run multiple successful Kickstarter campaigns. He continues to create the kinds of comics he loves to read— full of good twists and gory endings.

Let’s talk about We Don’t Kill Spiders

In the early Viking Age, a faithless Norseman Detective is summoned to a Scandinavian hamlet where a series of murders have occurred. Discovering the dark and bloody history of the village he investigates the local outcast, a Necromantic Witch who brings his atheistic values into question. Determined to prevent further homicides the two band together to discover the identity of a serial killer.

This is a noir influenced, horror fantasy story with swords, axes, supernatural creatures, and bizarre magic. It is a world of deep shadows punctuated by vibrant blues, bold purple, and red light.

We Don’t Kill Spiders Vol. 1 will be presented for the first time in a hardcover edition. The 136 interior pages will include the full story, select script pages, concept art, and a cover gallery featuring the artwork of John Gallagher, Richard Pace, Paul Pelletier, Ben Bishop, Rich Woodall, Dan Quintana, Jay Ferguson, Stephen B. Scott and many more!

Let’s meet the main characters of this story!

Revna – The last death witch: An outcast from the village due to her supernatural abilities, Revna was but a young girl when her family was executed for being witches by the Jarl. Living alone in the forbiddenwoods, villagers still secretly call upon her for mystical aid.

Bjorn – The norseman detective: Sent by order of the King, Bjorn is a loner tasked with the investigation of witches and heretics to the Odin worshiping vikings. Feared by the common folk, Bjorn carries out his mission with cold and impartial ruthlessness. Initially convinced that Revna the witch is responsible for the slaughter of innocent families in the village, he soon finds himself believing in her innocence and enters into a tense partnership to find the real killer.

Would you like to see a preview of this story?

For this we invite you to click here, where you can find and read the original Ashcan of this comic book.

Now, let’s talk about the rewards this campaign has to offer you

Below you will find a summary of the rewards and add-ons that you can find in this campaign.


As mentioned, these are just some of the rewards you can acquire. If you want to know all the items offered in this campaign, additional information or purchase your copy of We Don’t Kill Spiders, we invite you to enter the official page of this campaign at the following link We Don’t Kill Spiders Vol.1 by Joseph Schmalke — Kickstarter

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