Prepare to be invaded by terror in Psycho Sal #5 – Only on Kickstarter

Kickstarter has always been a showcase, where we are presented with incredible stories, developed by the hands of extraordinary creators. Today we are pleased to present Psycho Sal #5, developed by the talented William Russell. Stay tuned and don’t miss any detail of this story!

Let’s find out together what Psycho Sal is all about

Psycho Sal is on a murder spree in the city of New Orleans. It is 1986 with one of America’s favorite cities caught in a grip of fear. This psychopath has murdered five people in as many months with the police no closer to catching him or even figuring out what his pattern is. Every victim is different with no ties to the other, and every murder is different in the way it’s committed and seems to have no rhyme or reason. Special agents Victor Gray and Sarah Dinks are doing all they can but can’t seem to gain any ground on the murderer.

Now, as we continue into the life of Toni Summers with issue five, who Psycho Sal has set his eyes on as his next victim. As this sweet innocent young lady becomes a target, will the FBI or New Orleans police be able to save her.

Do you want to discover a preview of this comic?

Say no more, below you can see some of the art inside Psycho Sal #5.

In addition, you can discover an amazing gallery of variant covers developed by different artists!

We hope you don’t think that’s all!

In this campaign, in addition to the comic, you can also get original art, cosplay items, digital editions and much more, of course, without leaving aside the incredible Stretch Goals that are so appreciated in all Kickstarter projects!

Remember that Kickstarter projects are for a limited time only, so we invite you to enter the page of this amazing comic and be part of Psycho Sal!

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