Come and discover Wastelands – A Cyberpunk Spaghetti Western story featuring Ray Rainsberger’s debut as an illustrator and creator.

At C506 we’ve always prided ourselves on featuring the best comics from the indie scene. Today we are pleased to present Wastelands #1, the first issue of a Cyberpunk Spaghetti Western story, where we will also have the debut of Ray Rainsberger as writer and illustrator. Don’t miss this amazing project!

Let’s find out together what this story is about

One lone wanderer’s hunt for recompense leads her to the mining town of Cold Water: a tucked-away corner of the wastes where outlaws and corpos alike find a place to lay low. Wastelands is an original tale set in the Wild Wastes of the corporate future by creator/writer/illustrator Ray Caburnay.

Let’s know a little more about Ray Caburnay

For this, we would like to present you some words from Ray himself!

a lifelong comic lover and maker of doodles, I moved from Ohio to the wide open Southwest in search of big desert sandstone walls and similarly-sized adventure. Along the way I realized that I had an intense love of the craft of illustration and decided to channel the same amount of energy into art and design. Almost 3 years later, my first comic is coming out and I could not possibly be more ecstatic to share it with all of you!

Would you like to see a preview of Wasteland #1?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here at C506. Below you’ll find a preview of this story!

What would you be getting by acquiring wastelands #1?

  • The first official publishing and printing of Wastelands #1
  • A 22-page Cyberpunk Spaghetti Western set in the wild barren
  • wastelands in between the massive silicon city-states
  • Exclusive art prints by the author of the book
  • Original sketch cover edition

Let’s talk about how you can get your hands on Wastelands #1.

This project is being funded through Kickstarter, where you can find not only this comic, but also various covers, prints, original art and much, MUCH more! To discover all that you can buy, we invite you to visit the link to this campaign and see for yourself all the rewards you can get Wastelands #1 by Ray Alguire Rainsberger — Kickstarter.

Remember it’s for a limited time, so don’t miss this opportunity!

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