Young Justice Season 3 Returns with the Dynamic Music Partners

The week of July 4th is a dump truck of nerd content this year. Get ready to not see the outdoors for the holiday. Our first post End Game  Marvel flick, Spiderman: Far From Home, swings into theaters on the 2nd; Stranger Things 3 lights up Netflix like wildfire for the 4th proper; and, for animated Bat nerds like you, part 2 of Young Justice‘s newest season begins dropping on the DC Universe app July 2nd as well.

Young Justice Season 3 Returns
The Emmy winning Dynamic Music Partners, from left to right: Kristopher Carter, Lolita Ritmanis, Michael McCuistion

Back in April, I interviewed the Dynamic Music Partners (Kristopher Carter, Lolita Ritmanis, and Michael McCuistion) for my Above and Batman Beyond podcast. Young Justice Season 3 was our focus, and, as our pod requires, we also talked Batman Beyond (’99-’01). The Emmy winning Partners composed for both series, and this was the second time having them on our show.

Since the legacy of this DC music group goes back more than a quarter century, I wanted to hear DMP compare working on new shows like Young Justice vs. older series like Batman Beyond.

BD: What are some of the big differences in making Season 3 of Young Justice in 2019 vs. a twenty year old episode of Batman Beyond or even further?

Lolita Ritmanis: I think that, for me, the biggest difference really is the fact that this whole batch, this whole Season 3 of Young Justice, we were working with Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman (Show runners/Executive Producers), and we were really left to create, to work with them. But, there wasn’t that immediacy of, you know, you air an episode and see what the fans think. And, then, get notes and then do this differently and do that differently.

Young Justice Season 3 Group Shot

We really worked on this in an artistic sense. It was almost like a long arc, the entire season was one long arc, and we worked so closely with Brandon and Greg, and it was all about the storytelling and creating these different moods.

Early on in the interview, I asked DMP about Young Justice‘s musical themes for the opening/end credits.

BD: I noticed that the theme music in Season 3, specifically the intro, is so much more subdued. And, then, of course, in the end credits, the creatures of Young Justice just sleeping and quiet music going on. But, it seems like there’s some tense undertones that are waiting to come out. Can we possibly expect that theme music to get a lot more lively as the story evolves here? 


Lolita Ritmanis: Well, we can’t reveal anything about the future–

Michael McCuistion (laughing): That’s for sure!

LR: —but, the idea of manipulating the theme in both the way it’s in the opening and the end credits, that credit goes to Brandon [Vietti] and Greg  [Weisman], their idea of how they wanted that to go. But, it certainly has been fun revisiting some of our material from seasons 1 and 2, and kind of trying to sneak in a few of the themes here and there to see if the fans remember that they may have hear something  little bit like something five years ago, or whenever season 2 ended.


Again, part 2 of YJ Season 3 (a.k.a., Outsiders) returns July 2nd, only on the DC Universe app. Subscribe to the app and follow the Dynamic Music Partners wherever their award winning DC musical adventures might take you.

Today’s interview and all episodes of Above and Batman Beyond are available on iTunes, Soundcloud, and SUBSCRIBE!! 

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