Step into the shadows with Mark Spears Monsters Halloween Edition Trading Card Series

We present to you an All-new trading card series that is a throwback to those 70s and 80s trading cards with artwork by award winning artist Mark Spears. Continue with us and discover what it is about!

After having a resounding success with Mark Spears Monsters Series 1 Trading Cards release last year, we are presented with a new set of cards developed by Spears, with more than 100 original arts for a special series for Halloween!

But first, let’s meet Mark Spears

Mark Spears is a 4 time Rondo Hatton Horror Award nominee, Winner of the 2020 Rondo Horror Artist of the Year. With credits in Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Upper Deck Sports Cards, Image Comics, Warner Bros, Paramount, Rittenhouse, Corgi as well as many magazine covers and movie posters!

Let’s discover this new trading card series!

The Halloween Edition features over 100 pieces of brand new fabulously horrifying monster art created by Mark Spears. Each Hobby display box of cards will contain 160 cards. Each Blaster box will have 60 cards. Each pack will have 20 randomly inserted cards inside. The size of all the cards are standard 2.5″ x 3.5″.

The base set features 92 cards. Here are some of them below:

There are 4 parallel sets.

1982 – Same art as the base set but throwback parallels that have a design feel from the cards you grew up with. Made from the same card stock like vintage cards from 1982. These are limited and numbered. 199 made of each card.

Bloody Nightmares – Same art as the base set but recolored in shades of red.  These are limited and numbered.  99 made of each card.

Ghoul – Same art as the base set but limited and numbered. 99 made of each card.

Monochrome – Same art as the base set but this time each piece of art has been ‘recolored’ in beautiful black and white. limited and numbered. 199 made of each card

As if all this were not enough, you can also find cards signed by Joe Bob Briggs, Scarah Damsel and Mark Spears, without a doubt this project has a lot to offer, and that is why we invite you to visit its Kickstarter page, where you will find these and many other exclusive rewards that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

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