(C506-Review) Izora is getting closer to obtaining her long awaited revenge in Fluff´s Fury 2

What would you do if your best friend was murdered in front of your eyes? To answer that question, in C506 we delve into the second comic of Fluff’s Fury and we bring you the complete review of this wonderful story, so continue with us and don’t miss it!

Synopsis: The quest to avenge her lost teddy continues as Izora takes on the fearless mercenary Eloi as she gets close to facing Gen. Eavheal!

The team made up of Johnny Segura 3rd and Matt D. Chambers 3rd are in charge of bringing 2/3 Comics, home of Fluff’s Fury, to life. We recently had the privilege of being able to read the second installment of this comic, so we invite you to live this experience with us!

In this second comic, Izora is prepared to face the mercenary Eloi, but not before making a brief reminder of her past and the motivations that Izora has to get here, a powerful loss is what drives her to continue fighting. Returning to the present, Izora is more than ready to face her fight and that will be what we will discover in this issue.

Fluff’s Fury #2 presents us with an arduous battle between Izora and Eloi, the 2/3 comics team masterfully developed this confrontation, since panel after panel, the sequential art is wonderful, the emotion of the battle is felt and it is possible Visualize each of the details, even the smallest. Aesthetically it stands out a lot and they have managed to develop an identity for this comic.

On the other hand, with regard to the narrative, Fluff’s Fury #2 has shone for knowing when to include a comic moment and be able to separate it from a moment of tension, or when they want to emphasize an event, making it extremely attractive to readers, who, said By the way, Fluff’s Fury is developed in such a way that it allows entry for both hardcore readers and novices alike, so there’s nothing to fear!

We can conclude by indicating that Fluff’s Fury #2 is an incredible continuation of its first installment, the visual and writing style characteristic of 2/3 Comics is wonderful and we really invite you to enjoy this comic! A Kickstarter campaign is currently under development to finance the third issue of this comic, so we invite you to enter their website and be part of this wonderful project https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/auronasia/fluffs-fury-3-3rd-impact.

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