Indie TCG – Wildlands TCG – Now Live on Kickstarter!

Welcome back, Friends! Prepare to embark on an exciting journey into the realms of Wildlands TCG, a captivating trading card game that has just landed on Kickstarter. Head over here to dive into this captivating world and show your support here.

Designed for both newcomers and youngsters, Wildlands TCG introduces a mesmerizing alternate dimension teeming with untamed creatures and flourishing biomes. This uncharted territory offers a haven for explorers and nature enthusiasts keen on documenting its extraordinary wildlife. You must prove your mettle to join this extraordinary expedition, deploying strategic prowess and sheer might.

This innovative game unfolds on a 4×3 grid, where players vie to move their creatures across the opposing side. Every card in your deck is a resource, while creature cards double as combat maneuvers. A dynamic gameplay experience is guaranteed, as each card remains relevant throughout the game. You can easily test the game by using their print-and-play files here. If you have TableTop Simulator (TTS), that’s also a great choice; try it here.

Beyond its unique mechanics, Wildlands TCG sets itself apart with captivating artwork. While the game is set to feature a base set of 167 cards, 40 already boast stunning artistry. Your support on Kickstarter will enable this exceptional artwork collection to complete, ensuring a visually immersive gaming experience.

Why Kickstarter, you ask? The project’s main objective is to fund the remaining card art. While fair wages have been prioritized for commissioned artists, additional funding is needed to sustain this commitment and ensure the game’s success. With your help, the game can expand its art collection and move towards a brighter future.

What lies ahead for Wildlands TCG? The creator envisions bi-annual releases, introducing fresh content and gameplay experiences. The base set, aptly titled “Wildlands Base Set,” features over 200 distinctive cards, each with evergreen keyword traits for enhanced gameplay. Subsequent releases, such as “Wildlands New Discoveries” and “Explorers of the Wildlands,” will further enrich the experience.

Join the Wildlands TCG journey, support its Kickstarter campaign, and unlock a world of enchanting gameplay and captivating artistry. The game’s evolution is in your hands, ensuring a vibrant and thrilling future for this imaginative trading card game.You may check more information on their webpage here.

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