Martin Kove has come to Kickstarter to present us Prodigal Son #1 – Part one of four stunning comics, Don’t miss it!

Are you ready for an incredible western gunslinging action story? Well, whether you are or not, here comes Prodigal son #1, developed directly from the creative minds of Martin Kove, Don Handfield, Clay Adams! Want to know more, stay tuned and discover all that this story has to offer!

Actor Martin Kove launches his very first comic book on Kickstarter. Kove co-created the story with Don Handfield (co-creator and Executive Producer of Knightfall, writer of Amazing Stories). Co-written and lettered by Clay Adams (Blazing Blade of Frankenstein, Dreamquest) and featuring art by Alper Geçgel and Sercan Sarikaya, PRODIGAL SON #1 is high octane western action with heart.

Standard cover by Alper Gecgel and Sercan Sarikaya

Would you like to know more about the story of this comic?

In Prodigal Son #1, a twelve-year-old boy teams up with the meanest outlaw in the Old West to exact revenge on the gang that murdered his family in cold blood. The outlaw has his own reasons for wanting the gang dead, and as they pursue the killers deeper into the desert, the boy must decide who’s the greater threat to his soul—the merciless gang he pursues or the outlaw he rides with?

PRODIGAL SON #1 is the first installment of a four-issue mini-series. Each issue will launch separately on Kickstarter, and the final issue will have three possible endings–the ultimate ending of which will be decided by the Kickstarter audience.

Would you like to see a preview of Prodigal Son #1?

Don’t worry, C506 has got you covered, below you will find a preview of this wonderful comic!

Additionally, this story will feature incredible variant covers developed (from left to right) by Aaron Bartling, Conor Hughes, Tina Valentino, Karl Moline and Alper Gecgel in conjunction with Sercan Sarikaya!

We hope you don’t think that’s all!

In this campaign you can get the autograph of the one and only Martin Kove on your comic book, as well as unique autographed photographs by the actor! You can also purchase physical or digital editions of ETERNUS #1, co-created by actor Andy Serkis or the aschan collector’s edition DON’T F WITH KAREN by Joel David Moore and Mike Capes.

If you wish to purchase your copy of Prodigal Son #1, learn more about this incredible world or discover the different tiers offered by this Kickstarter campaign, we invite you to visit the official website

Who brought this wonderful comic to life?

This comic has been developed by Thunder Comics, who is a content and financial powerhouse that creates comic book franchises with top talent from the film/entertainment and comic book industries. They provide a platform for the brightest creative minds to share their unencumbered visions with the world.

Remember it’s for a limited time, so don’t miss this opportunity!

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