(C506 Review) It’s October 1st, time to get spooky – Come and join us for this review of We Don’t Kill Spiders #1

It’s October, many people’s favorite date is approaching and it’s time to get to know some interesting comics for this season. Today we bring you the review of We Don’t kill Spiders #1, written and illustrated by the talented Joseph Schmalke. Stay tuned and enjoy this review!

(W/A) Joseph Schmalke
Full color, 28 pages.

Black Caravan Imprint: In the early viking age, a faithless norseman detective is summoned to a scandinavian hamlet where a series of murders have occurred. Discovering the dark and bloody history of the village he investigates the local outcast, a necromantic witch who brings his atheistic values into question. Determined to prevent further homicides the two band together to discover the identity of a serial killer.

The plot of We don’t Kill Spiders #1 follows Bjorn, a skeptical, atheist detective who is summoned to a village by its leader, Jarl Ulf, to solve a series of murders. Five families have been massacred, their bodies decapitated, and ritual runes placed around the house as if they were part of some ritual. Jarl Ulf believes the murders were committed by a witch whose family he executed several years ago.

The narrative of this comic is set in Viking times, but at its core, it is a detective story, full of secrets, conflicting interests among the characters and a possible femme fatale. The only missing element is the shot of the hero looking down a damp street as streetlamps cast long shadows from the window blinds across his face.

The work done by Joseph Schmalke as a writer is wonderful, we are introduced to a completely new world in a few pages, but in a sufficiently broad way to place us in this new space. The dialogues are consistent and informative, so it manages to communicate in an exceptional way the feelings and personality for each of the characters, so getting into We Don’t Kill Spiders is a wonderful experience!

The art style of “We Don’t Kill Spiders” is remarkably unique. The rough, sketchy line drawings reinforce the brutality and harshness of the Viking world. In addition, the use of almost monochromatic color tones in each main scene accentuates the presence of magic. It seems that the comic was originally drawn in black and white, and then saturation was added with different shades of color to highlight a different mood in each scene.

As a whole, We don’t kill spiders #1 is an extraordinary work of art, it maintains a strong and constant narrative throughout the comic, being an immersive and highly entertaining story. As collectors and comic book lovers, we really recommend you to read this comic, as it presents a promising story, with refreshing elements.

Finally, We Don’t Kill Spiders #1 shows a wonderful opening for readers, taking the Viking-era narrative to impressive new heights as a supernatural crime thriller. The plot revolves around a riveting murder mystery with two detectives who are complete opposites, creating a dynamic and engaging team.

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