Todd McFarlane at Toy Fair: Plans for ‘Never Before Seen’ DC Animated Characters

Already scheduled for a Toy Fair interview with McFarlane Toys on Sunday, what I did not yet realize is that I’d be talking with McFarlane himself!

For the DC toy reporter here at C506, I was more than honored to meet the comic legend and hands on founder of McFarlane Toys, Todd McFarlane.

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With the Beyond show, you can only imagine my excitement for the DC animated presence in McFarlane’s current DC Multiverse. Since early January we’ve had available Justice League animated John Stewart Green Lantern, Batman: The Animated Series Batman, and Superman: The Animated Series Superman. Compound that excitement by about a million when Todd McFarlane is the one telling you his master plan for even more animated figs to come!

Justice League Animated John Stewart Green Lantern McFarlane DC Multiverse 7″ action figure, NY Toy Fair 2020. Photo: @dccollecticast

McFarlane’s following statement about animated figures coincides nicely with DC Direct‘s new/upcoming Batman: The Adventures Continue figures and tie-in comics. I have a lot of coverage on the latter animated figures which I’ll talk more about below, but, let’s first hear what McFarlane has planned for his animated DC Multiverse.

Batman: The Animated Series Batman McFarlane DC Multiverse 7″ action figure, NY Toy Fair 2020. Photo: @dccollecticast

From Todd McFarlane at NY Toy Fair, on his plans for upcoming DCAU inspired action figures:

I’m going to give you some of the animation looks, because I think they’re fun to do. One of the things I’m hoping to do in the animation moving forward is actually do characters you’ve never seen in the animation look. So that, instead of saying, ‘Hey, I’ve seen that classic Superman, that classic Batman before,’ you’re going to go ‘Oh my god, nobody’s every put that character in that style.’

And, just literally rebuild the DC Multiverse in an animation look, with characters that have never been on TV or any place else. This is only place you’ll get it. ‘ Cause, to me, I think if I present toys that have a little bit of a surprise to them, I think I have a chance of maybe getting your attention and you guys sort of selling it. 

Superman: The Animated Series Superman McFarlane DC Multiverse 7″ action figure, NY Toy Fair 2020. Photo: @dccollecticast

One of the major news events for DC Direct this year at Toy Fair was Batman: The Adventures Continue action figures and comics. Very briefly, key writers/creators and artists from the original Batman: The Animated Series are literally continuing the adventures of BTAS post animated series and pre-Batman Beyond. Again, McFarlane’s animated plans coincide nicely with this news of the BTAC DC Comics and reveals of even more figs from DC Direct.

Now, we’re going to have two major toy companies with DC licenses, both making their own versions of DCAU based action figures. But, even more interesting, both companies have plans to give us characters “we’ve never seen before.” Red Hood, for example, is a character in the DC Direct BTAC line (and is hinted to star in the comics), because we never saw a Jason Todd/Red Hood on BTAS.

Who knows what McFarlane will come up with as he too continues the animated adventures for DC Multiverse?

Enjoy our video from this same interview with Todd McFarlane at NY Toy Fair 2020!

Again, stay tuned for more Toy Fair 2020 McFarlane and DC Direct coverage here at C506 as well as my DC Collecticast and Above and Batman Beyond podcast/YouTube shows.

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