The Umbrella Academy, Netflix Original

It is official!, Netflix has released the trailer of The Umbrella Academy. The first episode will be released on February 15th of this year. and it is said that the show will releasing a new episode once a month. I don’t know about you, but I hope it’s not true, because once I start watching a show, I can barely wait for an episode to be released once a week. I don’t think I could wait for it to be once a month. I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

I have to say, I can not wait for the show to be on Netflix. In case you did not know, the show is based off the comic series “The Umbrella Academy” (yes, it’s the same name as the show), created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, and published by Dark Horse Comics. Based from all the movies and shows that where inspired by comics, usually do not portray them very well. I hope Steve Blackman and Jeremy Slater has done the comic series justice.

I can tell in the trailer the show will have action, humor and drama. Pretty much the recipe to make a great show/movie. The one actress I recognize is Ellen Page who plays as Vanya Hargreeves. You may recognize this actress from; Juno, Inception and X-Men: Days of Future Past. I have always found her to be a great actress, which is why I have high hopes for this show.

What is the show about? It is about a man (Colm Feore) who “adopts” a total of six children and creates an academy called (you’ve guessed it) The Umbrella Academy. These children have super powers who are supposed to save the world. I don’t know why, but this sounds just like X-Men. I can’t quite put my finger on why that is. Just kidding! It is exactly like X-Men. Hey, who knows, if you like the comics, movies and or shows of X-Men then I am pretty sure you also want to watch The Umbrella Academy.

The six kids are as follow,

#1 Luther Hargreeves “Spaceboy” (Tom Hopper)

Tom-Hopper-as-Spaceboy 1
Tom Hopper “Spaceboy”

#2 Diego Hargreeves “The Kraken” (David Castañeda)

umbrella-academy-cast-kraken 1
David Castañeda “Kraken”

#3 Allison Hargreeves “The Rumor” (Emmy Raver-Lampman)

umbrella-academy-cast-rumor 1
Emmy Raver-Lampman “The Rumor”

#4 Klaus Hargreeves “The Séance” (Robert Sheehan)

Robert-Sheehan-as-the-Seance 1
Robert Sheehan “Séance”

#5 The Boy, an unnamed time-traveler (Aidan Gallagher)

Aidan-Gallagher-as-Number-Five 1
Aidan Gallagher “Number 5”

#6 Ben Hargreeves “The Horror” (Ethan Hwang)

the horror
The Horror
Ethan Hwang
Ethan Hwang AKA the horror

There is actually a 7th child Vanya Hargreeves “The White Violin” (Ellen Page)

Ellen Page “The White Violon”

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