Indie TCG Series – RISE a new Trading Card Game from France

Welcome to our Indie TCG Series!  As New Year purpose, I decided to follow my passion for new TCG and start writing about it. Rise TCG fit perfectly for my first article. I will briefly cover main game characteristics and what made me love it in a short time. The Trading Card Game was designed by François von Orelli, an independent game creator and artist. He has more than 3 years working full time designing the game.

This game came from a Kickstart campaign and it was funded in less than 30 seconds. The planned launch is on May, 2023. It is easy to understand how was funded so fast, by just taking a look to the arts, they are amazing. The first season contains 306 different cards carefully designed and illustrated by the game creator itself with the regular help of Jon Lankry.

The Lore is wisely described for each of the 10 Characters. This feels like a start for a good story that will evolve with the game.

So, the arts and lore are great, but what about of the game play. The rules are simple; you have 2 summoners that represent your life, if they die, you die. The turn starts drawing 2 cards and adding 1 coin to your stock. The summoners starts with Leve 1, this is the number of action that you can play by the turn. For example, your summoner starts with Level 1, this means that you can play 2 cards, one by each of the summoner. At the begging of the turn, you can use Level cards to level up your summoners and increase the number of cards that you can play. This resource system is one of the peculiarities that Rise has. The other peculiarity is the luck. Some cards abilities needs to flip a coin to know if the final effect that will have. This means that you need to build your strategy to deal with this luck factor. The other rules are similar of what we have in other TCG but with specific names, for example awakening phase is the untap and invocation phase is when you play your creatures. If you want to deep more into the rules and how to play, you can click in below video.

The gameplay is one of the strengths, you can play head to head, multiplayer, and if you want we have built a dungeon where you can train solo. What others elements I consider when I am reviewing new or Indie TCG? The official web site. The Rise site has all the basic information to start the game. You can find how to play videos, reviews and most important print and play files. This gives you a easy and cheap option to test physically test the game. Also, the game is available in Table Top Simulator. Besides that, there is Discord Channel where you can chat and know more about the game. It was in the Discord that I found that Rise has a preconstructed league in Table Top Simulator. I joined the league and I have been playing the game. This make me be more interesting in the game, since it is fun and quite refreshing playing the game. If you are interested in try this game, here the print and play files.

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